£544.90 funding boosts boxing club’s Healthy Minds programme

Healthy Minds
Boxing has long known to have a positive impact on one’s Mental Health, relieving stress, building confidence, managing anger and improving concentration. After seeing what Anton Pattenden has accomplished with youngsters on his Healthy Minds boxing programme, we had no hestitation making them a Benefactor from the proceeds of our Charity Football day at the Istead Rise Community Field.
Anton is dedicated to the cause, built a gym in his garden and takes on youngsters suffering with their mental health on a regular basis. Anton said, “We seem to turn youngsters outlook around in a matter of weeks. They make new friends, gain confidence and start to socialise – it really is satisfying seeing how it can change a youngster’s life”.
Anton has been keen to expand, he has just signed a lease for a new gym and hopes to have it up and running in the next few weeks. The money will go towards new equipment and refurbishing the gym.
Anton is seen here receiving his cheque for £544.90 from Kerry Holmes. Thank you to everyone for your continued support.